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Real Experiences from Those Who Matter Most
  • I would highly recommend him.

    He was professional.  He fought for me and my dog. I would highly recommend him.

    - Rachelle S.

  • He's the real deal.
    Hands down the best attorney in Hawaii. I've had quite a few in my lifetime and let me tell you, Marcus is by the far the best. I owe him my life and freedom several times over. Blessed forever to have him at my side whenever I messed up and eternally grateful for our friendship. If you need representation, don't hesitate to hit up Marcus. He's the real deal. Thank you forever, Marcus!

    - Cherish A.

  • Mark helped save my husband's career.

    Mark was WONDERFUL. He helped save my husband's career. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

    - Ashley V.

  • If it weren’t for Marcus, my family would not be whole today.

    A few years ago Marcus helped us in a very highly publicized case that the Media and the State (yes, I said that!) In their mind and most of the public already had a “guilty verdict” without hearing a “valid” statement from Me (the victim). For more than 2 long years, my family and I went through this rollercoaster of emotions that to me was a waste a time, money, and tears. Anyways, we thought we had no chance at all to win this case b/c it was the State vs Us. I mean, who wouldn't, right?!?! We knew we weren't guilty of any crime or wrongdoing. We thought this was going to end up in my family being torn apart. We looked at other lawyers but to me, it felt as if they didn't believe us. It kinda felt as if we were being dismissed or they didn't want to help us. That’s when we got Marcus. He listened to us. He fought for us. He helped us. If it weren’t for Marcus, my family would not be whole today. I wouldn't have my husband, my kids wouldn't have their father, I would not have been blessed with another beautiful child. Trust when I say “there’s no one quite like him”. It is rare and hard to find a lawyer that’s honest and straight up with you. Marcus IS that rare honest & straight-up type of Lawyer. He’s someone who doesn't just “hear” but “listens” to you. He’s not afraid to fight for you & your family and your rights. Trust & Believe! Highly Recommended!!

    - Lise A.

  • Landsberg Law Office doesn't validate parking tickets, Marcus just beats them.

    Landsberg Law Office doesn't validate parking tickets, Marcus just beats them. I was waiting for my boyfriend outside the office building in the 3-minute zone when a police officer in an SUV pulled up real close behind me and honked his horn, not the siren but the horn. He then got out and talked at me for not moving my car. I said I didn't know he was a police officer because he was so close I couldn't see the light and he just honked. He gave me a $97 ticket for illegal parking in a red zone. My boyfriend got Marcus on the phone who told him to take a picture of the ticket and where we were parked, in just a few minutes later we got an email. He clearly explained why the ticket was bad and helped us word the letter. I felt he understood my frustration and was reassuring that we would win. I just got a response today... DISMISSED (with prejudice). Thanks, Marcus!

    - Sandra Ann

  • Marcus Landsberg is the real deal.
    A little while ago, I attended a liquor commission hearing for my good friend's karaoke bar. My friend's attorney Ryan Hew (who I totally recommend for small businesses, had brought in another attorney to present their arguments to the liquor commission. That's when I first met Marcus Landsberg ( Rumor is, before my friend's hearing, this Liquor commission has NEVER reversed a previous ruling. My friend's bar was able to stay open past midnight all thanks to Marcus. Marcus Landsberg is the real deal. Then I got into a serious car accident (got rear-ended by another person, my new car was basically totaled). When I finally was ready to settle my case and get reimbursed for my medical bills, I knew I had to find a great lawyer to help me. I'd been trying to deal with the defendant's insurance company on my own, but wasn't getting the results I wanted. After telling my friend about my current situation, he suggested that I give the Landsberg Law Office a call. My understanding is, any case that is not precisely in Marcus's area of reference, he will bring in another attorney, who specializes in that area. After that, Marcus then handles the negotiations and the presentations to the other side. He was very clear to me that he wouldn't take on anything where he thought another attorney would help out more. Now that's a very cool & humble guy in my book! Attorney Vlad Gaad, who specializes in my type of case, was also present during my consultation (free consultations!). Mr. Gaad already knew the insurance people we were dealing with from the other party, so that definitely made for a smoother process. Mr. Landsberg and Mr. Gaad explained the system to me, walked me through it, and were always available for my frequent "wtf is going on" phone calls, texts and emails. Yes, I was a complete pain in their asses, but there were never any extra charges for my frequent harassing calls and texts, lol! While I'm not allowed to comment on the specifics of the outcome, I will say that it was a good one. A very f'ng good one. So good that I can honestly say that these two awesome men helped in financing my future Seoul trip in April, and possibly a shiny new car. Oh! Did I mention that Marcus has a Whole Ox Deli sammich named after him?? Check out Ramfis B's pic of "The Landsberg Law Office Roast Beef Sandwich" I hella love you guys.

    - Cin T.

  • Mr. Landsberg goes the extra mile!

    Mr. Landsberg goes the extra mile! It was a weekend and Mr. Landsberg was off island on another matter. He still took everyone's phone calls and repeatedly explained all the details surrounding a possible felony charge. He took the extra step to fast track a bailout through a local bonding agency and was even able to negotiate a discount on the bail bond! Felony cases are serious and when we were only at the stage of "under investigation," he facilitated a prompt bailout, top-notch legal counsel, and even helped diffused the stress we were all going through with his sharp sense of humor. After doing some research, I saw how involved Mr. Landsberg was in Hawaii's legal community. His blog (, website (, Facebook (, and yelp page are all excellent resources. I appreciate a trial attorney that embraces the newest social media and seems to really care about communication. Whether its a felony or misdemeanor matter, I believe Mr. Landsberg has established himself as one of the top "up and coming" attorneys island-wide. Give him a call and see for yourself!

    - Nicholas L.

  • Marcus was attentive, courteous & diligent.

    My mother and I had the good fortune of having the prudent legal advice of attorney Marcus Landsberg. We had extensive property damage to our condo at Island Colony, Waikiki. We were flooded by a negligent upstairs neighbor; consequently, the water damage extended to our neighbors below us. No surprise, the conversations between neighbors was unpleasant and contentious. With Marcus, he did the dirty work and fought for us. Our home repairs were reimbursed 100%. Throughout the process, Marcus was attentive, courteous, and diligent. He cares about the welfare of his clients and fights on their behalf. I am speaking as a client who is 5,000 miles away in NYC. With complete confidence and enthusiasm, I recommend attorney Marcus Landsberg!

    - Sheilamarie H.

  • If you want a top-notch person getting your back, this is the attorney!

    If you want a top-notch person getting your back, this is the attorney! Mark is efficient, challenging and a real force to deal with. I've always known him to speak the truth in full honesty and integrity. Do not underestimate this man. He will get the job done.

    - Eric B.

  • I could not have had better counsel to represent & defend us.

    When life throws lemons at you, let Marcus throw them back. I could not have had better counsel to represent and defend us. Accessibility to your lawyer is so important, and Marcus was always available; quick to respond completely my concerns over the phone and email, along with as much face-to-face time as I needed. He is thorough, honest, Jewish, and kick-ass!

    - Dan C.

  • Excellent service by Marcus!

    Excellent service by Marcus! He brought levity with a serious nature to task at hand. I was very pleased with the outcome and if you have a need for a quality attorney, use Landsberg Law Office. Highly recommended!

    - Joe S.

  • When life throws you a sucker punch, Marcus puts on the gloves!

    When life throws you a sucker punch, Marcus Landsberg puts on the gloves. He will not settle for anything less than what is right for his client! I am a hard-working mother, wife, and small business owner. While peddling my product, I was cited by HPD for a petty misdemeanor. I was referred to Marcus Landsberg by someone that was also very satisfied with his professional abilities as an attorney. I felt that he was very thorough with his research in regards to the violation that I was charged with. I was offered a plea bargain of a small monetary amount but I felt strongly that I did nothing wrong and did not want this on my record. He was ready to go to trial and not take the easy way out with the plea bargain. At the trial, he ate up the prosecutors(3 showed up). Very attentive, on the edge of the chair, and knew his business. He had everyone scrambling, including the Judge, to understand the law and all of its revisions. In the end, I was acquitted, found not guilty! I feel very fortunate to have met Mr. Landsberg and that his professionalism, knowledge, and performance were outstanding!

    - Kathy S.

  • Marcus is not just an amazing attorney, he is an amazing person.

    Marcus is not just an amazing attorney, he is an amazing person. He made me feel comfortable from the start and left no stone unturned. He came at my case with an unparalleled level of professionalism and made the opposing team appear negligent throughout my legal process. It took some time, but Marcus always assured me of our success and followed through to the end with a friendly and extremely professional attitude. I will definitely recommend Marcus to anyone who needs confidence going into a legal issue.

    - Nate O.

  • If you want someone to fight all the way up until the end, Marcus is the one to have by your side.

    I'll be upfront with you guys, Marcus is a colleague of mine. I see him in and out of court day after day and we fight side by side with each other. I'm not currently in private practice and when people ask me to refer them to a private attorney, I ALWAYS refer them to the Landsberg Law Offices. Marcus has extensive criminal defense experience having worked at the public defender's office, so he knows these courtrooms in and out. He has experience with the prosecutors, judges, and staff. With his knowledge, he will always give you the best advice and this is advice that I would take if I were you! He's a definite fighter and if you want someone to fight all the way up until the end... he's the one to have by your side. He'll be sure to give everyone in the courtroom (except for you) hell...and that's what you hired him for, right!?!

    - Kainani C., Peer Review

  • The first & last lawyer you ever need in your corner.

    When I got attacked by my crazy ex, I went down and got a restraining order on her. When it came time for the court date, she came with a lawyer that was using all kinds of tricks to get me to sign her restraining order against me instead. I called the Landsberg Law Office for help and he walked me through what to say to protect myself. Not only that but as soon as I mentioned his name, the other lawyer completely changed his tune! Suddenly he was ready to start listening and making deals. If you ever need someone to make the right decisions in court, call Marcus Landsberg. The first and last lawyer you ever need in your corner.

    - Peter L.

  • There is not another attorney that I would trust with my needs!
    Marcus' command of the law, his work ethic and his dedication to his clients are absolutely amazing. There is not another attorney that I would trust with my needs!

    - Kevin K.

  • Landberg Law gets the job done.

    I'm going to be real with you right now... I HATE PAPERWORK and I HATE FINE PRINT and I HATE NEGOTIATING! Thank GOODNESS for peeps like Marcus Landsberg! I first met Landsberg while doing the occasional improv show at Laughtrack Theater Company and I thought, "Wait...that guy in the loud aloha shirt is a lawyer?" YES HE IS...and a GOOD one too! He has taken time out of his busy schedule to help me out with several projects and is always so patient and awesome. I ask him questions and he gives me super smart answers and then I say, "huh?" and then he breaks it down for me so that I understand. He also gives you pens!! Who doesn't love pens? He always makes you feel comfortable and he even invites you over to the office for cupcakes! GOOD CUPCAKES! Not supermarket cupcakes. Seriously though, Landberg Law gets the job done. I pity the fool who has to go up against this dude. Glad to say that he's always got my back and I'll always have his.

    - Kimee B.

  • I appreciate Mark's reliable help for a friend in need.
    I first met Mark at a networking event and since then, he has always been genuine and friendly, as well as willing to help with any questions I had. Recently, I encountered some problems with my OPT visa application process and asked him for help. Although he does not specialize in international cases, he immediately researched more information and gave me useful advice on the spot. My visa situation has now cleared up without any problems, and I appreciate Mark's reliable help for a friend in need.

    - Maria K.

  • Goes above and beyond what he needs to do.

    Mark was great!! Really cares about your case and goes above and beyond what he needs to do. He can get the job done for you.

    - Shawn R.

  • If I ever need a lawyer, I will definitely call on Marcus.

    I am writing this review because I had Marcus represent me when he was still working for the public defender's office way back when. I am glad to see all the positive reviews because he is a really cool guy and was very thorough with my case. I was not expecting much from a public defender, but without going into details, he was able to find something wrong on 2 of my tickets and was able to get a very manageable outcome for me. If I ever need a lawyer, I will definitely call on Marcus.

    - Anonymous