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Case Results

Successful Outcomes for Our Clients
  • Case Settled
    "Mauiwatch" Free Speech Case
    In 2014, teamed up with the ACLU to represent MAUIwatch, a major news and crime website on Maui against the city in a first amendment lawsuit. The city was attempting to use its power to cripple Mauiwatch’s website. Read the full article here: https: ...
  • Hung Jury
    Hung a jury on assault on a bus driver where the defendant was accused of punching a bus driver. Jury was not convinced that he punched him.
  • Jury Acquittal
    Received a relatively fast jury acquittal on an assault 2 case of a husband accused of causing a car accident injuring the wife. The accident snarled traffic on Hawaii's busiest highway for five hours during rush hour. There is no alternate route. ...
  • Appeal Won
    Changed the Way the State of Hawaii Charges “Escape” From Prison Cases
    Won an Appeal that changed the way the State of Hawaii charges “Escape” from prison cases. The Defendant was accused of running away from an OCCC (Oahu community correctional center) the Hawaii Supreme Court agreed with us that he did not. The ...
  • Repeat Offender Case Dismissed
    Drug Possession
    Beat a repeat offender case where a Defendant was found with drug paraphernalia in his pocket AND IN HIS HAND. Won with no intent (it was in his HAND!). So won Not My pants, but also not my hand! (pipe in pants, drug scale in hand). There was an ...
  • DUI Case Dismissed
    Beat a DUI in Molokai for a bad roadblock. Studied the roadblock procedures hard to know them backward and forwards.
  • Not Guilty
    Acquittal on a Lamborghini going 20 miles over the limit, pulled over by Officer Spiker.
  • Not Guilty
    Acquittal on a young marine, BAC: .134, Caught driving away from a fight at Femme Nu strip club. Stopped by Officers Spiker and Saul.
  • Not Guilty
    Won a DUI where the Defendant hit a single car accident, Cop witnessed him high a light pole, back up, hit a light pole again, and then attempt to walk away.
  • Beat Two Counts of Felony Abuse
    Felony Abuse & Misdemeanor
    Beat two counts of Felony Abuse and one count of misdemeanor abuse for a military member who would have been expelled from the Army if we did not get an acquittal. Prosecutors placed two of the special domestic violence team and considered this a ...
  • Case Dismissed
    Defendant was accused of entering a bathroom while a female was taking a shower and peeping. Jury found that Defendant had permission to be in that location, so it was not a crime.
  • Acquitted a Count of Harassment
    Harassment of Police Officer
    Acquitted a count of harassment on a law enforcement officer and kicked the window out of a police car, hung assault on a law enforcement officer, when Defendant challenged two police officers to a fight, got pepper-sprayed and kicked out a window of ...
  • Case Deferred & Expunged
    Juvenile Sex Assault
    Received a Deferral for a juvenile sex assault 4, where he managed to get it expunged from his record and stay off the sex offending list.
  • Misdemeanor Abuse Case Won
    Misdemeanor Abuse
    Beat a misdemeanor abuse case with a “protecting the Victim from herself” defense. (Haw revised statute 703-308).
  • Case Dismissed
    Beat an unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle charge for a stolen moped with a busted ignition and a painted over license sticker. We called a mechanic to say that he knew the person had the moped before it had been busted, and suggested that ...
  • Negligent Injury
    Negligent injury to a minor in a crosswalk - got a 3-day deferral (stay clean three days and it comes off her record).
  • Acquittals & Expungement
    Prostitution Acquittals
    A number of acquittals on Prostitution sting/massage parlor cases (both sides) and expungement.
  • Sex Assault on a Minor Case Dismissed
    Sexual Assault
    Beat a sex assault on a minor (molestation) that had a confession and multiple eyewitnesses by called both the confession and the eyewitness accounts, not question. It turned out there were other people in the house the family may have been covering ...
  • Supression
    Stopped the Attorney General’s Policy of Prosecuting Filipinos
    Stopped the Attorney General’s policy of prosecuting Filipinos who legally declared multiple cartons of cigarettes at customs on returning to Hawaii. Filipino-Americans would bring back as gifts for their family when they returned from the ...
  • Case Dismissed
    Street Performer Dancers in Conjunction With the ACLU
    Received dismissals for street performer dancers in conjunction with the ACLU.
  • Case Dismissed
    Street Performers Dressed Like Kim Jong Un & Donald Trump
    Received three separate dismissals for street performers dressed like Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump.
  • Suppressed an Illegal Search
    Suppressed an illegal search of Defendants property where the police claimed to have discovered an item in a peculiar shape that matched exactly to the complaining witness’ bruises.
  • Case Dismissed
    Temporary Restraining Order
    Won a TRO defense for a person so he could be around his girlfriend’s kids from an ex-boyfriend. They have since married.
  • Case Dismissed
    Temporary Restraining Order
    TRO case between neighbors consisting of over six cross-TROs. Won case.
  • Case Dismissed
    Temporary Restraining Order
    Won TRO case for a police officer accused of sex assault. He was able to bring that testimony to the police department as a way to avoid criminal charges from a vengeful ex.
  • Hung Jury & Dismissed by Prosecution
    Terroristic Threat
    Hung a jury and dismissed by prosecution: Terroristic Threatening on a Taxman. The defendant was accused of threatening the State tax employee for charging him too much in taxes, in the state tax office.
  • Terroristic Threatening Case Won
    Terroristic Threat
    Beat a terroristic threatening when Defendant pulled a gun on his neighbor. Under cross-examination, the neighbor admitted the last time they had met, he had beaten up the defendant and he would have again, except the defendant pulled out a gun.