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Judge Bruce Schroeder in the Rittenhouse Trial

Rittenhouse Trial 

Over the course of the Rittenhouse case, Judge Bruce Schroeder has made numerous rulings that have gotten all sorts of criticism in the media. I thought it would be beneficial to go over some of those decisions and how they affected the presentation of the case. Some of his decisions are odd, others are being unjustly criticized and I think it is important to be as fair as possible when judging the actions of another member of the legal community, here Judge Bruce Schroeder. As a student of jury trials I like to watch and see what I can learn from other attorneys in their presentation. The video goes more into depth, but a few events that occurred are:

Clapping for the veterans?

Clearly, it is okay to salute the veterans who sacrificed to give us the life and safety we enjoy in the United States. What is it about this particular series of events that cause people to criticize the way it was done?

Has anyone discussed how close Judge Bruce Schroeder is to Kyle Rittenhouse?

I've never seen a judge get that close to a defendant, especially with his back turned. What message does this send to the community, or say about the way the judge views the Defendant? Is this indicative of the way the Court feels in this particular trial or is it something he would do in any trial?

Other issues in the Rittenhouse trial.

Victims vs. Rioters, and why that ruling is acceptable.

The prosecution violation of the right to remain silent and pre-trial rulings and how that came back to haunt the Prosecutor later in other rulings the Court made.

And more...

Finally, if you get a chance, look at the comments and if you feel so moved, join the conversation about Rittenhouse and Judge Schroeder. People from all sides of the political spectrum are jumping in and making points and counterpoints. The important thing to remember is, no matter how much any trial is politicized we cannot look at it as a political football. The question is solely what are the actions that were taken on that particular day, sometimes in only a split second, and whether we consider that acceptable as the law is currently written or not. And that goes for every person accused of a crime, not just those whose trials are nationally publicized.

To hear more about what I have to say about the current stages of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, watch my YouTube video here.  

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