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Oahu Roadblock Map

How to Use Oahu DUI Roadblock Maps

Aloha. Hi, everybody.

My name isĀ Marcus Landsberg, and I wanted to introduce you today to one of the most popular features of my webpage, which is the roadblock page. To check out my RoadBlock page, click here. It tells you where roadblocks are in the City and County of Honolulu. There are two types. There's the historic roadblock map, and there's the live roadblock map.

Historic Roadblock Map

Let me explain what that means. The historic roadblock map, the City and County Honolulu Police Department, as part of what they do, publishes all the different places they've done roadblocks over history. For a long time, they would put it just on the website. We would know where they did roadblocks, where they did different types of traffic encounters, where they did different types of speeding operations. You know, specifically, those that are held, how many cars resided, and what they were started for. All we did was coagulate that information, consolidate it, and then, put it on the web as a way to be transparent so you guys know exactly where they have historically given roadblocks. You can see where people have been stopped for roadblocks before if they've been stopped on a particular date. Now, they've made it much harder to find that information. It's not as updated as it was before. But what you find out, is they consistently do roadblocks often in the same location. So, that's why they're there.

Live Roadblock Map

The number two type we have is, we use a national app called Waze. W-A-Z-E is a national app people put on their phones, and when you're in the phone, people can report if they see a roadblock, if they see a traffic accident, or if they see a pothole, for example. These things will be in the app and populate through crowdsourcing and put there. And then if you look at the page, you can see where there's a roadblock. I see where there's a pothole, or whatever it is that you're looking for. What we do is, use a WAZE API. We consolidate it and again, put it on the Internet. So, if Waze has it on their app before you get in the car before you make that mistake, you can find it on my web page, and you can determine that you do not want to take the chance.

Let's be very clear, the purpose of the roadblock page is so you understand you do not need to take a chance. A roadblock could be anywhere, and there's no point for you to take a chance at getting a DUI or even worse. God forbid you to get into a car accident where someone gets hurt because you're on alcohol. Now, let's be clear, part of the reason DUIs are considered legal in the state of Hawaii, and nationally, is because they have to be published in advance, given to people as a warning, and serve as a deterrent effect. The purpose is to stop people from getting their cars, from driving intoxicated. So, that's part of the reason we provide it. If this helps people decide ‘hey, maybe today I don't want to drive intoxicated, maybe today I'm going to catch a ride, catch a lift, catch a cab, call a friend, take a nap.

If I could help people not get a DUI in advance by not getting behind the wheel of a car before you have to call an attorney to represent you, whether it's me or someone else. I want to do what I can to help do that and help provide the law, which says we need to publicize where these roadblocks, or road stops, are being held. Thank you very much. And hopefully, you use the page in good health.

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