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Live Honolulu Traffic & Roadblock Map

Downtown Honolulu Traffic and Roadblock Map

Waikiki Honolulu Traffic and Roadblock Map

You may have already seen our Historical Honolulu Traffic Enforcement and Roadblock map elsewhere on this web page. Hawaii law requires the State publicize roadblocks. This may help you know that roadblocks are being done, it does not tell you where or when to look for it. Our Historical Roadblock page will tell you where roadblocks are frequently set, but not what is happening tonight.

Using a phone application that allows volunteers to update a central brain the following map keeps track of where slow traffic is, where road hazards are,  and even where visible police action may be. This would include a roadblock or a speed trap where an officer is positioned in a visible place on a highway. Nothing is guaranteed and this isn’t meant to support you driving drunk – it is meant for you to avoid a costly mistake, both financially and in time, in taking a wrong road home where you may get wrongly accused, or even accused of something else. This will not update instantly, but since Roadblocks have a time limit of three hours, if you drive through after the roadblock starts, this may give you some early warning on how to avoid busy roads.

Please see below both the Downtown Honolulu map and the Waikiki Roadblock and police enforcement map. Either map should scroll to other locations on the island, and you can magnify or zoom in as necessary.