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Huffington Post Archive

When Huffington Post Hawaii was launched they were looking for legal/political/criminal justice writers. While reviewing my website I stumbled over my old archive of Huffington Post articles. I wanted to take a minute to share them here, all in one place, so they are easy to find in the future.

Out of all the articles I submitted, there was one that went around the world. In the heat of the Government Shut Down (the one in 2013, back when it wasn’t an annual occurrence) I wrote an article about negotiation tactics: the importance of starting points and knowing real goals, yours, and the other sides. The Tea Party won because their negotiation starting point was already what they wanted to achieve. 

Check out the articles below. The article about the Tea Party is the one that got most of the press. The articles below are the other, companion pieces about a whole range of topics.

  • Lying to Legislate: Honolulu City Council's Bill 44 includes for its foundation "Sitting or lying down on the sidewalk is not the intended or customary use of public sidewalks". You don't need to be in Hawaii for three weeks to know that it is not true. 
  • Hammering Homelessness: Bully. It's the word we use for people who harass others weaker than them. That's what Tom Brower was this week. Nothing about harassing homeless people is cool, or intelligent, or helpful to the conversation and I voted for him. 
  • Veterans & PTSD: PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan actions are inextricably linked. We need to de-link them. 
  • Tea Party Roadmap to Winning Via Shutdown: Why should the Tea Party cooperate with the rest of congress, if cooperating mean they lose 100% of the achievements they've made? Don't believe they've achieved? What are their stated goals: make the government smaller. 
  • The Tea Party Has Already Won: This is not a negotiation. The Tea Party has already won. Everything I'm reading and everything I study about this United States Government shutdown seems to ignore the basic message that the Tea Party has promoted since before their election. They have maintained a desire for "smaller government". 
  • Advice From a Judge While Waiting for a Jury: "Waiting is really the hardest part..." the Judge of my first jury trial told me. After a day and a half, the Jury had yet to send back a Jury communication. 
  • Hawaii Law in Film Festival Asks Hard Questions About Evil: Must one mean evil to do evil. Or can evil exist by merely looking the other way? I had the good fortune to be invited to attend the opening night of the second annual "Let's Film All the Lawyers" Law in Film Movie Festival, put on by the law firm Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert and chaired by Robert Thomas. 
  • Trial of Federal Agent Still Shaking Up Hawaii: It's been about a week since the Christopher Deedy trial was headline news every day and two years since the killing occurred. Hungry, I found myself near the McDonald's on Kuhio and went in to take a look. It looks totally different from the videotape we've been hearing about since the Deedy trial came on the news.