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The Landsberg Law Office Celebrates Six Successful Years in Criminal Defense

The Landsberg Law Office Roast Beef Sandwich. Being Santa Claus. Sponsoring comedy shows. Guest hosting the Power104.3 morning drive. Surf Contests. Rising Star awards. Giving Lectures. Teaching classes Penthouse office. Glass elevator.

Some of you even had a chance to be on the legal show pilot.

Landsberg Law Office as Santa Sunset from Penthouse The Landsberg Law Office Roast Beef Sandwich NACDA Top Ten 2013 Logo Promoting success and goodwill to body surfers

And somewhere in there, fitting in legal work.

Six years ago today, June 2nd, I hung my shingle out and started the next step of the rest of my life. Like the ancient Spartans, I burned my bridges behind me and there was no way to retreat. There were bumps in the road, but within six months there was no question, I could support my family.

I’ve told the story of leaving my prior job and the tribulations of starting a new one before, so I’m not trying to do that again. But every one of those experiences helps create the lawyer – and the man – I am today.

This Year in the Law

This last year holds my personal record for the most jury trials since I’ve gone private. Because of the flux in DUI laws, our bench trials (and successes) have been through the roof. I’ve welcomed new people into the office to help me grow as a law firm. Early on I accidentally became the best-rated local lawyer on YELP and that hasn’t stopped. Here is the most recent YELP review for our Jury trial from a month ago:

"Thank you Yelp for helping me find Marcus. Honestly if it wasn't for Marcus, I would have lost my career leading to a domino affect of losing [a lot] more. I was facing 3 criminal charges, one was a felony. Being in the military, my career was [on] the line and I was toward the end of my service contract and couldn't reenlist until my cases was settled. After 2 years of dealing with appointing public attorneys, Marcus was able to jump on board and finally close my case out. I was found not guilty on all three charges. It truly was a sight to see Mr. Landsberg perform in the court room. He is very passionate, honest, and upfront and because of him I've been able to reenlist, and set to transfer soon and put this all behind me. If it wasn't for him I [don't] know where I would be. But because of him I don't need to worry. This was only 2 months, given enough time I'm not sure if there is a case he couldn't beat. Again very strategic and knowledgeable. There is no other person for the job. NONE, if you truly want the best. Hell I may give him a calling seeing as I'm still dealing with these bail bonds people not giving me my money back." -- Daimon C. via Yelp, 5/26/17

And now we keep it going. As we move into the tail end of 2017 we have some interesting and complicated cases coming up. In addition, we have some other opportunities that I’ll announce as I am able.

Each and every one of you reading this has been a part of my journey in some way. Whether as client friend or family – and probably as all three in some context, I want you to know I appreciate you very much in helping me get to this level. But there’s no stopping us now.

If I haven’t heard from you in a minute, please drop a line, drop by. I would love to catch up and make sure I don’t lose track of everyone that has been a part of my journey. Thank you again.

You’re all my family. Thank you.