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How to Install the Ignition Interlock

ignition interlockGetting a DUI is no fun, but one of the worst penalties that you may be subject to is a license suspension. The license exception is generally at a minimum a year, and the license suspension is absolute, meaning no exceptions for work or school or treatment. For most of us, we need to drive. So the legislature allows us to receive, in most cases, an Ignition Interlock Permit. This permit lets you drive anywhere you want, as much as you want, as long as you are using it properly in accordance with the law. Remember to check with an attorney to make sure you qualify for one.

REMEMBER: Driving while your license suspended for a DUI is an additional charge. Not only does the license suspension get longer, but it also comes with MANDATORY jail. Even a second DUI doesn’t have MANDATORY JAIL.

To Apply for the Ignition Interlock Permit:

  1. Call Smart Start at (808) 535-6800. Get the ignition interlock installed in your car. (Don’t use the webpage.)
  2. Take three things:
    1. Filled out “application for ignition interlock permit”. Get a blank copy here: Application for Ignition Interlock Permit.
    2. The Lease from Smart start gave you after installation.
    3. Proof of insurance.

    and go to the ADLRO office on the 5th floor of the American Savings Bank building to drop all three off. Your attorney can also do this for you.

  3. Check-in with them or your attorney a few days later to see the status of the permit.

Remember, DO NOT drive until you have BOTH the Ignition Interlock installed AND the Ignition Interlock Permit in your hand. Once you have these two things you can drive anywhere you want, as much as you want, and not worry about the penalties for driving after getting a license suspension for a DUI.