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Happy New Year

2015 has already started and I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who’s trusted me with their case already this year. There’s a whole lot of things to discuss simply the first two months of this year, that instead of going on and on about unimportant matters, let me just hit the highlights so far.


The Highlight of January had to be the Driving Under the Influence Defense Lawyers Association (DUI/DLA) conference in Los Angeles on the science of DUI. Being the only Founding Member of the DUI/DLA in Hawaii, and the only lawyer from Hawaii making the trip to the conference allowed us to build special connections and receive the best information from both nationwide, and international DUI attorneys. Specifically, my good friend Mark Thiessen, and new friends at the Acuity Law Group in Canada, shared some amazing DUI knowledge and cementing a further bond with them was worth the price of admission alone. I was able to build personal relationships with esteemed scientific experts on Blood Alcohol Content, as well as Accident Re-creation, and each one is waiting for a case in Hawaii where their talents may be put to good use.

Defense Lawyers Association (DUI/DLA) conference badge

The other thing we were able to do in Los Angeles was to have a meeting with a couple of producers about the Landsberg Legal Reality show. I told them we wouldn’t do it if we couldn’t do it right: absolute respect for client confidentiality, attorney-client privilege, and client anonymity; no video of anyone who doesn’t want to be part of the show. But if it would work out, the life and times of a young criminal defense attorney in a penthouse office — there’s definitely a market for legal shows now. When you drop by the office, ask and I’ll play you the clip we already filmed.

Marcus Landsberg

While all this was going on, the same weekend was the Makaha Bodysurfing Classic, while the Landsberg Law Office was one of the two name sponsors, along with my good friends at Keawe Adventures.

Promoting success and goodwill to bodysurfers


In February already we’ve dealt with two high profile cases.  The first was the Internationally covered Big Island case horrifically nicknamed by the news “the reef beef”. Originally reported as attempted murder, the final outcome allowed the defendant to be given a No Contest Misdemeanor deferral, that allows his record to become clean sooner rather than later. No fines, no jail time, and no community service. While I’d always rather take the case to trial, for this case the guaranteed clean record and no jail time was a deal my client couldn’t say no to.

From Attempted Murder to Misdemeanor Deferral

One week later I was contacted after a stabbing involving a mother and two young children in the Kam IV housing projects. A woman who watched a prior jury trial I defended had a problem: her grandson was the prime suspect, had just been arrested, and he was innocent. After the rush to judgment, as you’ve probably seen on the news, he was released. I’d like to tell you why, but until they are able to arrest the person who actually did the stabbing, we need to maintain some sort of secrecy, so as not to jeopardize any further investigation by the police. Hopefully of someone else, because my client is absolutely innocent.

Hawaii News Now screenshot


And what happens in March? First, we throw the greatest ever 1st-year luau for this little guy, and then the sky is the only limit.

Marcus Landsberg V

If you have any legal questions or problems, don’t be afraid to reach out to us at the number you see all over this webpage. For your peace of mind, every client discussed here has consented, in advance, to have his case discussed on our page. We take client security seriously and would never publicize any information, or name or situation without the absolute permission of the person who hired us to help them handle their case.

Thanks for reading this update, and thank you so much for being friends ad family of the Landsberg Law Office!