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Landsberg Law Office Celebrates Four Years in June

Four years ago in May upon reflection and discussion with my new wife, I realized that, no matter how much I dreamed of being a Public Defender forever, my time there was coming to a close. It was time for me to leave. May 31, 2011, was my last day. I promised myself I would take ONE day off, and on June 2, 2011, I would hit the ground running. Originally I was going to work at a bigger law firm, learn different areas of law, and simply expand what I had already learned.

On June 1st, 2011, my day off and my first day unemployed, I received a call. The person asked me if I had read the paper over the last couple of days. You know “that one case”, it was him. The other person that was on life support and his understanding was that the police were waiting for the hospital to turn off the life support so they could charge him with attempted Murder. But he promised, it was self-defense, 40+ people witnessed it. And oh yeah, he’s on his way to the police to make a statement right now. We put a stop to that, and the man on the phone ended up never getting charged.

Remember this office? Always a classic.

The next day my family and I opened up my law office and never looked back. From borrowing office space to working out of my car, to now being in the Penthouse of Executive Centre — from doing any case that walked in the door to narrowing the focus back to strictly what we’ve had the most success from in the past. From being solo to having assistants to other attorneys, and now back to the single secretary model. The law office has grown, changed, and matured — but most importantly — thrived.

Currently, we are featured contributors to the Power 104.3 KC and Tantra morning show and the MAUIWatch website and podcast. We have contributed to both HuffingtonPost and CivilBeat when it was the right thing to do. Recently we were filming to appear in an upcoming documentary about the particularly pernicious homeless issue and how the city’s “fix” was only making the problem worse. We sponsored numerous comedy shows and bodysurfing competition. We were invited to be a Founding Member of the DUI Defense Lawyers Association and attended their Los Angeles seminar. Finally, we have another project I’m probably not allowed to talk about and will never come to fruition, but remind me if you see me in person and I’d love to whisper about it with you over in the corner.

Update: I forgot to add all the great stuff we did this year. Don’t forget the plea agreement in the “Reef Beef”, what was reported internationally as attempted murder got a plea agreement for no jail and a clean record, and our sponsorship of the Hawaii Sketch Comedy Festival with Kimee Balmilero!

Promoting success and goodwill to bodysurfers Screenshot of Marcus Landsberg From Attempted Murder to Misdemeanor Deferral Driving Under the Influence Defense Lawyers Association Founding Member Hawaii Here’s our logo on the sponsorship for Hawaii Sketch Fest with Kimee Balmilero! Marcus Landsberg with child Sponsoring the arts! Big Island agreement in the Reef Beef Merry Christmas from Big Teeze and the Landsberg Law Office

Earlier this year, I received a phone call from someone else, a mother of a former trial client, called me up to say her nephew was in custody on a triple attempted murder. Again, we walked out of the police station with no charges filed.

This year our 4th anniversary came and went without much fanfare, I didn’t throw a party or mark it on my calendar, and then I got a message from my wife: “Thank you so much for all you do for our family. Happy 4th year business anniversary!” and the memories came flooding back.

This wouldn’t be possible without entirely too many people for me to mention here. From other attorneys who have mentored me, to people who have sent me cases, to people who have worked with me and I now consider my extended family, and most importantly, my clients who have trusted me with, what has probably been the scariest and most uncertain moment of their lives. Thank you very much for trusting me with your future.

Happy Four year anniversary Hawaii. Thank you for all the aloha you’ve shown me. Hopefully, I can continue to work hard and earn it for years to come.