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Pro Bono Legal Representation – #Carmageddon

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: On Tuesday, March 31, while stuck in nightmare traffic, due to the zipper lane breaking down, more than 60 people were given an electronic device ticket for using their phones while stuck. The Landsberg Law Office will offer free legal representation to anyone who got an electronic device ticket during the massive traffic jam.

Currently, the city has offered to send a letter, the prosecutor and the police have said they are unable to dismiss the tickets, and the judiciary has stated it is unable to dismiss all cases en masse. One legislator has offered to pay all the tickets if we lose,  but all of these options require the ticketed to take another day off of work to go explain to the court individually why they needed to use their phone.

Being a criminal defense attorney I thought, maybe I can help to make this easier for everyone. Being a member of the Hawaii State Bar Association, it is our duty to do pro bono (free) service when we think there’s an issue that needs fixing and it is something within our ability to do.

To be considered for free representation, please scan a copy of your ticket to our email with all your contact information. We will respond within a few days with instructions on what basic steps to take if I can handle your case.

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