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Testifying Before the City Council. Good Fun!

I appreciate the opportunity the city council gave me to speak before them today.  I hope the points I made were well taken.  We sure had a bunch of good back and forth.  If nothing else they didn’t ignore me.

A number of unorganized collected thoughts:

The one who seemed to get it the most was council member Chang.  “Would you feel better if the sentence about the time limit was taken out?” Yes. The answer is a resounding and reverberating yes! Let whatever the local parking laws are that cover the individual street cover that street. Why not? I found it odd that Councilmember Chang got it so easily, he spent the entire meeting texting on his two-way.

Councilmember Cachola just did not understand what this conversation was about.  He was making business plans for individual trucks. It was very clear he had no concept of what we were even talking about.  He kept telling me “You come here with no solution”, but the law is made to solve no problem.  What’s the problem with some food? He had an archaic solution that involved heavily regulated lunch hours.

It misses the whole point, that you should be allowed to buy lunch from any safe vendor. I also think he wanted me to run for office.

Councilmember Garcia was very worried about “t-shirt trucks”.  A problem that doesn’t even exist.  If they did, I can understand.  But why not? Because no one wants to buy shirts from a truck.  See, trucks like this are not allowed in Waikiki or Chinatown. And people aren’t downtown buying shirts.  Let’s solve this problem when it exists.

Councilmember Berg really liked the idea of a “buffer zone” between restaurants and food trucks. I think he bought into my comparison of the “ghettoization” of a type of business.  I seemed to get a positive response to the idea that the city council shouldn’t be in the business of “preferring” one business over another, in general.

Councilmember Harimoto just laughed at my jokes. So I like him.

The “administrative” testimony was horrible.  Both admit they like the food, but they take “no position”.  The Department of Transportation director taught us all that “Feeding the meter is illegal.”

Which is not true.  It’s not smiled upon, but I’m sure it’s not illegal.

And the idea that the police department takes “no position”.  Absolutely false.  Each individual police officer shows their supports. And votes with their dollars. When they eat.

Just let people sell me lunch. What the truck?

Just some memories, of my first testimony before the City Council.