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Food Truck Harassment

Parking should never be a criminal offense.
(for any length of time.)

An entirely separate section of the law covers food trucks. It covers their permitting, their cleanliness. It covers the need for a commercial kitchen or commissary. A separate code covers the “truck” aspect. It covers the registration/insurance requirements. The whole thing.

But one law (and only one) makes selling food longer than 15 minutes punishable by incarceration. This law is punishable by more jail time than a DUI. Parking and selling to people who WANT to be sold to.

There’re laws that cover harassment or yelling off the truck. Noise violations. And none of that seems to be the issue. If people think buying food off a truck is the way to go, why shouldn’t they? More food is better. By making it two (or four, or ten) hours, you’re not allowing anybody to move in, or set up shop permanently. They’re only there until people stop eating. It sounds like a fair rule to me.

The law as written only stops people who want to buy certain food from buying that food. It limits choice in a free society. And I’m still not sure why.

As far as restaurants go: The government shouldn’t be in the business of “protecting” one form of business over another. There’s no difference in this, and saying “Bookstores of greater than 10,000 sq. ft. can exist, not small bookstores. Let the consumer choose. If the issue is health, safety, and welfare, then let’s make rules about the health requirements of the truck (which exist. In another statute.) It makes no sense that 15 minutes' worth of unsafe food exists.

Parking should never be a criminal offense, under any circumstances. Other laws, maybe yes. But parking? And selling food?

What the truck?