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Exciting Changes Coming Soon!

Well, we’ve been building up to this point!

Keep checking back on this webpage for the announcement. but there should be exciting changes coming soon. The webpage, for one thing, should have a complete overhaul. We’ve already announced our Facebook page (please like us):

And follow the twitter at @LandsbergLaw where I post

The latest updates in Hawaii Law. The latest news I receive on roadblocks or potential police infractions. Anything I’m in the mood to post!

A good way to get started is to follow twitter and go back and read some of my favorite posts. Already, my research shows I’m the highest Klout ranked lawyer in the State of Hawaii, and that was within about two days of joining Twitter.

Soon I’m launching “Free Legal Advice in 140 Characters” Any question you can ask in 140 characters on twitter, I’ll do my best to answer in the same. We have to pick a day. Or maybe one random day a week? Not sure. Feel free to start with questions now though.

It’s an exciting time at the Landsberg Law office. Recently work has picked up, and that means less time spent on the website. See you in Court!