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Marcus, Why Aren’t You Talking About Hawaii Cases?

Well, I am.  Every single case I write about, that I was a part of, is a Hawaii case.  Every single one was tried in Honolulu Circuit or Family Court, or in Kaneohe Court, for the short time Kaneohe Court held jury trials.  I am the only Defense Attorney who can say he was the first to defend a case before a jury in Kaneohe District Court.

But clearly I should talk about the four men who escaped Waiawa Correctional Facility.  I should talk about Kashbox, the drug treatment program, and at some point, I might discuss the differences between Kashbox, Sand Island Treatment Center, Habilitat, Hina Mauka, and the Salvation Army's: ATS and ARC.

But there are ethical issues involved.  I can’t discuss the latest Hawaii case, because if there is an outside chance I might represent any person related to that case later.  If I do, I exclude myself from working for or with any person involved in those cases.  So rather than get in trouble, I just talk about mainland cases, and cases I’ve already finished.

Unfortunately, that means OJ can never hire me!