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Little Brown Hairs Everywhere

So the Police officer is going to come in, and see if he recognizes anybody.

I announce this to the gallery of Defendants and their families and they look at each other shocked!

Don’t worry, we’re trying to see if he recognizes the person who he arrested in this case. If he recognizes the wrong person, you won’t get in trouble, just the other guy will be found innocent!

From these Defendants and their families, it is extremely easy to find compassion for someone else facing a criminal charge. You’re the only one in the world who really knows what they feel like.

So, don’t stare straight ahead, just continue on with your conversations, don’t act suspicious. You WON’T get in trouble.

The Cop walks in the door of the tenth floor Ala Kea Courtroom. Bumps his knee on the gallery door, the “bar”, and walks to the center of the court. He looks left, looks right, looks left, looks right. And does it again and again. On the Left is a handsome muscular boy sitting next to a GORGEOUS woman. On the Right is a handsome muscular boy by himself. The cop didn’t know who to choose…

20 minutes before this I showed up in court and I noticed a beautiful girl. Beautiful. The kind you can’t look away from. She was watching me as I called up each person I represented in Traffic Court. Driving Without a License, Speeding, Driving While License Suspended, Racing, that kind of thing. And one by one I called everybody. And she was still watching me.

And then a guy came in and sat down next to her. 5’11”, muscular build, dark spiky hair, v-neck shirt.

And he was the next person I called and spoke to. She was watching me, and waiting to see when I called her boyfriend. The cop caught him dead to rights. On a hunch, I asked him, “That’s your girlfriend?” Yeah. “She was in the car with you?” Yeah. Yeah. “Call your girlfriend out here.”

The girlfriend came out and I called out my other client who I had spoken to earlier. The guy was 5’9″ maybe, muscular build, short caesar-like hair, fitted shirt. Not exactly the same but close enough. I had them stand next to each other:

I told the girl: “For the next five minutes, this is your boyfriend. Act in every way like it’s your boyfriend. You can’t be distant. If they can tell you’re not together, this won’t work.” Alright, go back to the courtroom.

I made a speech to the gallery, and when I came back in with the officer he couldn’t decide. He looked back and forth between the two men. No one else was distracting, it was only these two men. There was no other option. One sitting alone, one sitting next to the beautiful girl who was in the car at the time of the ticket. Minimum 10 times he looked back and forth between the two. It seemed like forever.

That one.

Marcus Landsberg sitting back at office with legs on desk

He pointed at the gentlemen sitting with the girl next to him. He walked outside the courtroom, and as soon as the door closed behind him the courtroom arose in a hail of cheers. Someone in the back yelled out “Do that for me!”